Cut and Paste


Last Sunday, we learned that God has been in the “Cut and Paste” business since HIS creation. The term may have modern familiarity, but God has always been spiritually cutting away sin and pasting corrective good into His creation. It started with HIS perfect creation in Adam and Eve and mankind’s fallen nature…   Didn’t […]

Mother’s Day


We were over-blessed with last Sunday’s Mother’s Day service from all participants, and especially the Toronto Children Concert Choir (TC3) with Rev. Denise Gillard. We were over-inspired through the musical talents of TC3’s youth, along with an encouraging message from Rev. Denise.  Moms were appreciated for their invaluable motherhood, and equally challenged to move towards […]



Last Sunday’s Communion service was a blessing of praise and fellowship. It also took us to an unplanned message of biblical understanding of God’s Church, in reference to His local ministry at First Baptist.  It is clear that God is leading us to a place of healing and reconciliation, over the many challenges from our […]

Adoption Rights


Last Sunday at our “FBC Network Tele-talk”, we were reminded from our pastors’ Ephesians 1 dialogue, that Christ’s sacrificial resurrection has provided us with “Adoption Rights” into the family of God. We were encouraged with the knowledge, that God’s adopted children have been predestined with an inheritance that is out of this world. Stay tuned […]

A Grave Awakening


Yet, as we experienced Christ’s resurrection Last Sunday,  was an Easter reflection of Christ resurrection power. We learned that it was a “Grave Awakening” some 2000 years ago. We also embraced a blessed Baptism service with our new Followers’ candidates. As we’ve celebrated like the angels (Luke 15:10), do pray for: Joseph Brooks, Michele Peart, […]

God Over Money


Our Youth and Young Adults (YYA) conducted last Sunday’s service around their 2017 theme “AFYA” (Swahili for health and wellness). We were first overcome with God’s intrusion over the wellness of our souls, as HIS presence in praise seeped through the tears of our brokenness. Both youths and adults witnessed the spiritual fervor of God’s […]

Jews For Jesus

Sunday’s communion service was a continuation, as many accepted “ashes” on their forehead, as a symbol of our early century penance practice. Some are offended by such orthodox traditions, but know that the symbol of the ‘cross’ was also offensive in the first 3 centuries. The richness of all of the Church’s gospel heritage are […]

Heart Of Thanksgiving


Last Sunday’s Unity (Black History) Service welcomed our guest, Rev. Ojo Tewogbade (former 35yr police veteran & current chaplain). Nigerian born, both Rev. Ojo and his wife (Frances) came to Canada in the early 1970’s and weathered all racial tensions by serving and being advocates for a better community. This is evidenced from their numerous […]

Look No More

The true approach to our Lord’s Supper, carry much more biblical significance than just our ceremonial practices. Introduced over 2000 years by Jesus Himself to “do this in remembrance of Me”; His voice still echoes the deep meaning of this NEW Covenant, beyond the backdrop of the historical Jewish Passover. Israel’s final release from captivity […]