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A Peace of Life

(04) 298 3985 2092 +76 209 1092 4095

A Peace of Life is a ministry that encourages and empowers youth in Africa. The focus is on Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the Great Lakes Region – an area that has suffered years of violent conflict and extreme poverty.

A Peace of Life (APOL) intervenes with love and hope. The major program is an annual Peace Camp that brings youth together from countries in the Great Lakes Region – such as Burundi, DR Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. It’s an amazing opportunity for fun and interactive learning on conflict transformation, the use of arts and games in peacebuilding, leadership and entrepreneurship. Most importantly, it’s a time of spiritual nurture as youth experience inner peace and healing with God’s love. 

We see the impact of Peace Camp year-round as youth return as peace catalysts to their schools and

villages. Many form peace clubs and respond to family/community conflicts and local issues through creative means – community dramas, awareness campaigns, fruit gardens, care for orphans, etc.

It’s a crucial ministry as youth make up the majority of the population in countries in this region – like in Rwanda where nearly three quarters are under 30. A growing concern is a high level of unemployment among youth – even among those graduating from post secondary studies. Large numbers of youth face being caught up in a cycle of low income/vulnerable income earning activities. They may lack vocational and life skills training, access to entrepreneurship opportunities, that could help them break the cycle. The recent COVID pandemic has further impacted youth, increasing isolation and vulnerability.

Each summer, FBC sends a team from Canada to participate in Peace Camp.

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