FBC Toronto is a church that encourages all to offer their time, energy and skills to serve and do good will as neighbourly community members. But it is more than being a good neighbour, it is Christ’s command in Luke 10:27, when He said: Love your God with all your heart and with all you soul and with all your mind; and, love your neighbour as yourself.”

In the advent of the 21st century, the church is called to re-examine its Mission Theology as it is now faced with the structuring of postmodernist systems and beliefs. The concept of being ‘missional‘ seems like stating the obvious — that the church’s mission is to reconcile humanity with God. As it is currently used, a missional church seems more of a return to our biblical mission and a reaction against the church growth and mega-church movement. Interestingly enough, the word ‘church’ has been so misrepresented that it can refer to a building or people. However the Church (Ekklesia) that Jesus told Peter He will build in Matthew (16:18), is His body of followers who were first called Christians in the Book of Acts (11:26).


We structure our life around being a sent community instead of a vendor of services. That means that our mission at First Baptist must be fully owned by the whole community, not just the few who provide programs to meet the needs of others. Worship must not be something people attend but must be the gathering of the praise and adoration in our service to God and the community. Evangelism must not be member recruitment but genuine gospel journalism, reporting the good news of the Kingdom and giving the gospel away. This is the postmodern world we live in, and it means that story becomes more important than doctrine. The community is not interested in what we believe, but why we believe it and “our acting must be a natural outgrowth of being.” (The Church and the Kingdom of God by Peter Kuzmic)

Wendell & Rosil, with their beautiful adult children (Brandon and Brittney), have been serving as pastor of FBC Toronto since 2010 and Pastor Gibbs’ vision is to encourage integrity and unity within the body of Christ as prayed for by Jesus in John 17 so that the world may believe in Him”.  He holds to the command of Mark 12:30,31 to love God with all his heart, body and soul, and to love his neighbour as himself.  As part of the GTA Ministers’ network, he encourages all Christian believers and churches to be “MISSIONAL”, by going into their OWN world to model the gospel of Christ as outlined in Matthew 28:19,20.

We hope you share the journey with us, as we seek to live out this good news — new life that’s possible for all people, through Jesus Christ.

Life Story

  • Caribbean Born in Trinidad and immigrated to Canada in 1974.
  • Motivated and inspired from a family of 11 siblings.
  • Married for over 28 years to beautiful Rosil Burnett-Gibbs.
  • Proud parent of two young adults, Brandon and Brittney.
  • Committed follower of Jesus since 1983.


  • An Ordained Minister with the Canadian Baptists of Ontario & Quebec (CBOQ).
  • Volunteer Chaplain for Toronto Police Service and Centenary Hospital Scarborough.
  • Master of Divinity Degree acquired at Tyndale University College and Seminary.
  • Engineering Technologist Diploma acquired at DeVry Institute of Technology.
  • Completed Quality, Time and Technical training at global Manufacturing facilities.

Ministry & Community Experience

30+ years of ministry/church experience – youth leader, board member, Promise Keepers ambassador, community advocate and pastor. Previous assistant pastor at Heron Park Baptist Church, serving in a multicultural setting and helping the church reflect the goals and needs of a rapidly changing community.

Operational Director for (CLN) Christian Leaders Network, a Toronto-based ministry dedicated to community transformation, reconciliation, and unity within the body of Christ. CLN is proud to be the inspiration, in collaboration with GTA Faith Alliance, of the founding of the African Canadian Christian Network (ACCN); recipient of a $3 Million grant from the provincial government to combat gangs and violence in our city in 2005.

Board Member of Mission GTA Pastor’s Network, and was responsible for coordinating the ministry’s bi-monthly leaders’ prayer meeting held at Toronto’s City Hall Council Chambers.

An avid networker and advocate for both the community of faith and non-faith alike, towards transformation, reconciliation, and the plight for respect, honour and unity. (www.missiongta.com)

Host and Board Member of the “Jesus In The City” organization.  A citywide ministry that hosts an annual Christian parade along the downtown streets. (www.jesusinthecity.com)

Special Interests & Skills

  • Community leadership support which includes coordinating community and church/ministry programs and relations.
  • Experienced musician (vocalist, drums and saxophones).
  • Coaching & mentorship to youth through sports; especially soccer and basketball, involved at local school, house league and city association levels

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