Joseph Cain was born in Toronto, Canada and grew up primarily with his mother. His upbringing in an improvised neighborhood and growing up without a father, has instilled a dedication to changing the status quo of expectant delinquency. His motivation, since acquiring his High School diploma, is to pursue post-secondary studies in the area of his passion as a youth worker, to help break the cycle. He is currently working diligently to establish enough support to follow his ambition. 

Joseph has had a giving heart from a very young age, and continues to demonstrate the same compassion against his own personal challenges. He enjoys being a positive change in the lives of others, and finds his smile by making others smile. He believes that, by putting a smile on someone’s face, you put a smile on God’s. As a follower of Christ, Joseph is learning the difference between suffering and faith, and is balancing it all with full trust in God.

Now in his twenties, Joseph knows all too well, the pressure this generation of youth faces today. As a result, he participates in youth activities with the desire to engage in opportunities to assist with their maturity. He currently attends First Baptist Church Toronto, where he is an active contributor to the youth program. His artistic abilities and spoken word, has allowed him, on many occasions, to offer encouragement through such presentations.

Joseph’s inter-personal and character skills are valuable assets that have enabled his acceptance to travel to Rwanda, Africa. This opportunity will lend to his passion for working among youths and facilitate an equal learning experience for personal growth. Joseph believes this is one of God’s appointed opportunities, to fulfill the plans and desire towards his destiny. His prayer is that God would use him and affirm him to be an inspiration to whomever and whatever situation he encounters.

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