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From the Pastor’s Desk

 Prayerful greetings to each and all! In the wake of the Covid19 epidemic, we remain available for any concerns as deemed necessary. Please feel free to connect with our Leaders and each other for prayer and support. Also, please reach out to our seniors and the vulnerable towards their personal needs.

As we are aware, our ministry is exercising responsibility for the decisions of our Government and Medical Health officer for valid precautions. As a consequence, all our Services are on hold and we look forward to resuming by God’s grace. We would like to encourage you to continue giving your tithes and offerings via an electronic transfer to treasurer@fbctoronto.ca, or in our office mail-slot at the backdoor entrance. We appreciate your continued dedication to God’s ministry at First Baptist as He Protects and Provides.

 Pastor’s Message on Covid19: ”God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and of a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7)“

It behooves us to remain as courageous as God’s creatures of FAITH. As we observe the fear and panic from Covid19’s uncertainty across the world, may our collective defense and resilience inspire further TRUST in our Lord and Savior. We know and believe, beyond our human efforts and man-made resolve, the supremacy and sovereignty of God will prevail according to His prophetic word. As His followers, we should not be alarmed, but be affirmed in our FAITH. For it’s “In God We Trust”, and it should be “EPIC” against this “Epidemic”. No doubt, as one of the worst virus experiences, we would naturally be concerned about our health and safety, but the course of Biblical history will demonstrate that we will overcome, whether now or at the triumphant end. Maranatha! Revelation 22:20, cf: (Mathew 24:1-13)

Amidst all comparative factors, I’m spiritually mystified of the overwhelming media and global reactions, yet vigilance is important to curb this current uncured virus spread. However, please be discerning of the questionable social-media rhetoric against unknown evidence. FEAR can only be healthy when Faced, Explored, Accepted and Risen above, while For Answers I Trust Him (FAITH) (cf: Isaiah 41:10).


In this temporal and uncertain world, our eternal destination is the promised hope we have in Christ. So fear not; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy body and soul (Mathew 10:28).


Rev. Wendell Gibbs

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