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Last Sunday, we were blessed with our Communion fellowship of praise. The message reminded us, “lest we forget”; the Upper Room experience introduced to us by Jesus’ prayer of thanks at the Passover meal declaring, “Do as oft as you do in remembrance of ME.” This Upper Room would become metaphoric with the cup that represents His BLOOD; blood He would first sweat at Gethsemane, before bleeding to death from His sacrifice on the cross. The BLOOD will never lose its power.

Luke 22:39-42 (The Passion)  39 Jesus left the upper room with his disciples and, as was His habit, went to the Mount of Olives (Gethsemane). 40 There He told the apostles, “Keep praying for strength to be spared from the severe test of your faith that is about to come.” 41 Then He withdrew from them a short distance] to be alone. Kneeling down, he prayed, 42 “Father, if you are willing, take this cup of agony away from me.  But no matter what, your will must be mine. 43 Jesus called] for an angel of glory to strengthen Him, and the angel appeared. 44 He prayed even more passionately, like one being sacrificed, until he was in such intense agony of spirit that His sweat became drops of blood, dripping onto the ground.