First Baptist Church Toronto
Sunday School Registration 2019-2020
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Sunday School Registration 2019-2020

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  • Child's Heath Information

  • First Baptist Church Toronto believes in excellence in our entire Children’s Ministry Department. It is always our goal to care for your child to the best of our ability while they are entrusted to us. However, we do assume the responsibility to care only when complete information regarding allergies and other special needs is provided. Should circumstances change regarding your child’s health at any time, please ensure that this is communicated directly to the Personnel in your child’s class, or the Children’s Ministry Director, and make certain that it is written on the attendance sheets for the class your child is attending. At any time we, reserve the right to NOT admit your child into the classroom should there be signs if any communicated disease or sickness (i.e.: colds, fever, rash, etc.). Your child will only be released to the parents/guardian and/or those whom you have authorized above. For those in the nursey, the parent/guardian registration cards must be remitted at the time of pick-up. We reserve the right to remove children who exhibit extreme or rebellious behaviour that negatively impacts our ability to care for the class in its entirety. We appreciate you collecting your child immediately after service.


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