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Created in 1826, First Baptist Church was the first Black institution in Toronto. It was founded by Elder Christian Washington and 11 runaway slaves who fled north through the underground railroad in their quest for freedom; they saw Canada as a promising, new land of opportunity.


Their vision was clear: to form a Church to be a cornerstone in the community. They faced racism and adversity, but persevered. Today, we are committed to building on the legacy of our forebearers’ courage, vision and contribution to society.

Part of that commitment is ensuring to share the story of our history and the contributions of Canada’s Black community to society. 

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FBC is proud of our heritage and in hopes to inspire and inform today's and future generations, we have an exciting multi-media project underway: “Lights, Camera, Action: Bringing Black History to Life”.


We are grateful for our founders' zeal and pursuit in creating a welcoming and inclusive church. Every February, we recognize Black History Month with special activities, guest speakers and youth performances.


All are welcome to visit our Heritage Room with historical accounts, photos and other artifacts.

Email us or give us a call at

416-977-3508 to arrange your visit.

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