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Music Workshop

Love to sing? Want to develop your musical talent?

Learn from one of the best in the musical world.

Dr. Llewellyn Peter from Nashville, Tennessee will be holding a free workshop on Sat May 25 and Sun May 26. Advance registration is required.

Please contact the church office.

Dr. Llewellyn St. Aubyn Adrian Peter

A Humble Maestro of Music and Education


Dr. Llewellyn Peter embodies the quiet strength and humble dedication that defines a true steward of music and education. His journey, a gentle melody of academic pursuit and heartfelt performances, reflects a profound reverence for the art form and an earnest desire to inspire others.


Melodies Across Continents:

Llewellyn's music has touched hearts across continents, from intimate gatherings to grand concert halls. Whether performing for audiences in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, or Europe, he approaches each performance with humility and gratitude. Noteworthy engagements include a memorable concert at the Armed Forces Base in Ramstein, Germany, and a private performance for the esteemed Oprah Winfrey in 2004.


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Learn how to play the steelpan, a very popular, significant part of Caribbean culture. Classes will resume in Fall 2024 (with a nominal fee charged). All ages welcome. We thank director/teacher Wendy Jones for her time. 

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