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At FBC Toronto, we are committed to serving our community and beyond. To spread love, kindness, social and spiritual support to all while fostering a sense of unity and belonging. Join us in our diverse range of outreach initiatives, tailored to all age groups and interests. From youth activities to programs for seniors, there's something for everyone. 


Explore our offerings today and get involved to make the world a better place, sharing God's love for all.

Together, let's create a brighter future filled with compassion and togetherness.

Children and Youth

From our weekly Sunday School classes to special youth-led services and involvement in other church ministries, like music and media, we are encouraging our children and youth to grow in their love and knowledge of Jesus and develop as young Christians in today’s society.

Mission Partners

Missions are the heart of our Christian faith. We believe that we are all called to serve, wherever we are. Our members support and participate in all kinds of missions, from youth peace camps to serving out-of-the-cold meals for the homeless, assisting street friends and newcomers in our community, singing at Senior nursing homes, and helping to fund and resource local ministry partners.

Impact 60+

Impact 60+ is an opportunity to “age well, together”

We offer special events and classes for seniors (age 60 and up) for fun,fellowship and friendly learning on computers, smartphones, social media, and safety online, as well as low-impact exercises specifically for seniors.

All are welcome to join. 

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A Peace of life

A Peace of Life (APOL) is FBC's major international mission initiative that educates and empowers youth in the Great Lakes Region of Africa to become leaders of change. APOL's main program is an annual Peace Camp that brings together youth from Rwanda, DR Congo, Burundi, Tanzania and Uganda for interactive learning on conflict transformation, leadership and entrepreneurship. Most importantly, it's opportunity for spiritual growth where youth can discover inner peace and healing through God's love. Youth return to their communities as peace catalysts, inspired to respond to conflicts/issues through community dramas, awareness campaigns, tree planting, orphan care, and other peace club activities.

Every summer, FBC sends a team to Peace Camp.


FBC has countless opportunities to serve in Church and out in the community. Browse through our options and determine how you can contribute with your Time, Talents, or Treasures. 

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