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our legacy

Church History & cultural Preservation

When 12 runaway slaves fled north through the underground railroad in their quest for freedom, they saw Canada as a promising, new land of opportunity. Their vision was clear: to form a Church to be a cornerstone in the community. They faced racism and adversity but persevered. Created in 1826, First Baptist Church was the first Black institution in Toronto. Today, we are committed to building on the legacy of our forebearers’ courage, vision and contribution to society.

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Black History: Honouring the Past. Inspiring the Future

Our steadfast dedication to upholding the preservation and recognition of our history, along with the invaluable contributions made by Canada's Black community to our society, remains unwavering. We are resolute in our commitment to ensuring that the rich tapestry of our shared past is safeguarded, and that the significant role played by Canada's Black community is acknowledged and celebrated with the utmost compassion and respect through FBC.

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